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Gaming Analytics offers software solutions that help casino operators make strategic improvements to the casino floor. GA saves time with AI doing the hard work for you.

bringing search driven analytics to the gaming industry

As general manager of a casino, you have a lot on your plate, but your team is there to help you create a memorable customer experience.

Your slot/marketing manager’s role requires leadership and strategic decision-making to maximize revenue and reduce costs. These tough decisions can only be well-executed by someone who knows the casino like the back of their hand.

Unfortunately, these high-level decision makers also have to spend time pulling reports and organizing spreadsheets.


Traditionally, slots and marketing have worked in isolation on their respective duties. Each has access to a vast amount of data on casino patrons, but separately their data is incomplete.

gaming analytics to the rescue


When we introduce state-of-the-art AI technology into the workflow of slot managers and other department leaders, suddenly they find hours freed up to perform the essential functions that make your team irreplaceable.

Gaming Analytics has engineered a way to integrate your data so that it is digestible and actionable for all of your employees.



Whether your finance team is looking for more accurate predictions of future player behavior for financial modeling, or your marketing manager needs to know which player segments are at risk of churn, the answers to your team’s questions are just a search query away.

Find out how GA can help grow your business.

“The revenue forecasting capabilities of the GA platform are incredibly accurate. It is amazing!”

– Augusto Dechat, General Manager at Trilenium Casino

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