Analytics Made Easy
Search Driven Analytics

Our cognitive computing platform is the first ever product to bring Search Driven Analytics to the casino gaming industry. Simply type business questions and get relevant, contextual answers.

Insights and Recommendations

Our technology analyzes volumes of complex data to recognize hidden patterns, providing daily recommendations about machines and players. Get actionable recommendations to optimize your slot mix with game title changes, configuration changes, new machine purchases and more.

Predicting Player Behaviors

Predictions of future player churn empower you to make pro-active decisions to increase retention. Trends and predictions help you identify the right player segment to target for your next marketing campaign, and with the value-at-risk metric you can be confident that you are allocating your marketing budget strategically.

Easy Monthly Payments

Pay as you go. Pricing plans that fit your needs.

On-Premise or Hosted

You have the option to have your data on-premise or hosted.

We want to hear from you.

Our setup process is quick and easy, so you can start collecting actionable insights from the first login. We are a young startup and seek to learn from our clients. If something is missing from our product to complete your workflow, let's talk about how we can incorporate your needs into the next product update.