Gulfstream Park Casino Partners with Gaming Analytics.AI

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Gulfstream Park Casino in South Florida is the latest property to go-live with Gaming Analytics.AI and its advanced artificial intelligence tools to improve decision making, marketing and profitability.

“We were looking for a product that would allow us to more efficiently and effectively analyze the slot floor, improve marketing and more accurately forecast revenue,” said Gulfstream Casino Manager Dana Leibovitz, “GA’s easy-to-use and understand analytics capabilities, along with their prediction tools, were a perfect fit. Further, GA’s ability to recognize ‘fading’ players allowing us to react immediately was the icing on the cake.”

With the new normal created by COVID-19, Gaming Analytics.AI has been extremely helpful with Gulfstream Park Casino’s re-opening plans. The beauty of using Gaming Analytics.AI is that it provides new strategies and refines these strategies at a fast pace.

“We are impressed with the number of features GA added in the last 3 months to assist casinos with various reopening strategies,” said Lisa Siples, Director of Slot Operations at Gulfstream, “Moreover, GA is so easy to use, and it is blazing fast. What used to take hours and days to get information now takes seconds.”

Gulfstream Park Casino is a casino located on two levels, conventional tools made it difficult to analyze the complex relationships and the differences between the players and products on each level. Gaming Analytics offers technology that analyzes volumes of complex data to recognize hidden patterns. This information provides daily recommendations about machines, visitation patterns, and the most effective marketing techniques and spend levels. Gulfstream received actionable recommendations to optimize their promotions, target productive customer segments, and improve the slot mix on each floor with game title changes, configuration changes, new machine purchases, and more.

For Gulfstream Park’s marketing team, the software provides predictions of future player churn giving them the ability to make pro-active decisions to increase retention. Trends and predictions will help them identify the right player segments to target for their future marketing campaigns, and with a value-at-risk metric that will give them the confidence that they are allocating their marketing budget strategically.

Gaming Analytics.AI CEO, Kiran Brahmandam, said that artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped them develop a product that automatically gets better as customers use the application. “Our recommendations are based on an extensive analysis of existing data from the customers slot and guest tracking systems, along with any other software systems available in their data warehouse. Once strategies are implemented, the system does analytics against the resulting recommendations to adjust methodologies, if necessary, for future improvements. It just gets better and better.” For example, when the system identifies guests that are “at risk” based on their current and past gaming activity, the program will recommend marketing strategies for recovery. Those methods that worked best are then amplified for future adoption.

Gulfstream Park Casino uses a combination of the Bally SDS and CMP applications as their main slot system. Gaming Analytics.AI works with all major slot system providers. Most importantly, the system is easy to install and even easier to use. The learning curve is minimal as users can simply query GA with English-like questions like, “which players are at risk this month?” or “what is the ideal denomination for this type of machine?” If you’ve ever posed a question to Google, you’ll quickly understand the process used by GA.

Gaming Analytics.AI is based in Northern California and it is offered as a software service with minimal up-front costs and no long-term contracts. Their team has years and years of casino and systems experience that provide the assurance that the product meets real-world expectations.

Gulfstream Park Casino is owned by the Stronach Group. The Casino opened in 2008, however, the Gulfstream Park track itself was established in 1939. Spanning a little over 213 acres, Gulfstream Park is one of North America’s most storied and scenic Thoroughbred racetracks. Their Casino splits into two separate entities and locations, offering gamers an experience of their choice. Their Level 1 Casino is a perfect marriage of Racing Simulcasting, Poker, and Slots. The Level 2 Casino houses most of their slot games and offers live entertainment and interactive promotions. Overall, Gulfstream has 700+ slots and 20 live action Poker tables.

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