How You Can Use AI to Reopen

As your casino begins to re-open, there are several questions and complex data relationships that are important to understand to craft your re-opening strategy.

  • If you must reduce machines counts, which machines and which banks should you open or close?

  • Which customers are the most profitable and the most likely to come back the soonest?

  • How can I market to this most productive group?

  • How does the fear of COVID-19 affect different age groups? At different times or the day or days of the week?

How do we analyze the mountains of player, slot, and marketing data and turn those data points into dollars? For various industries, AI technology has been built to do just that. AI can translate various data points to answer many of the above questions’ casinos are facing when it comes to reopening.

Navigating the world post-lockdown will propose many challenges one being, how do we balance the well-being of our players while also running a successful casino? The data is constantly changing which means your re-opening plans will need to be adaptable for continued growth in the new normal.

Gaming Analytics AI has a variety of features that optimize the casino floor and can help casinos turn player, machine, and marketing data into increased revenue streams. Knowing your customers habits and your most used machines can act as a guide for your strategic re-opening plan. The real beauty of using Gaming Analytics.AI is that we can begin to give you new data and new strategies within hours of re-opening and constantly refine the strategies as patterns emerge hour-to-hour and day-to-day.

This new normal doesn’t have to disrupt your revenue flow. In fact, this new normal might give you more data points about how best to optimize your casino floor!

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