Increasing reactivation rate by 49%!!

Updated: Jan 19

Congratulations to achieving a 49% players reactivation with Gaming Analytics Software!

The Challenge

Getting Customers back through marketing promotion strategies always requires detailed analysis. Casinos’ may experience a decline in the rate of repeat visits contributing to a decline in revenue.

The Solution

Using Gaming Analytics software Trilenium was able to quick act on targeting the right players at the right time based on the churned predictions report the software provided – which included the players that Trilenium should target, their potential risk and their future value to the business.

The  Result

Using the recommendations and insights provided by Gaming Analytics software, Trilenium targeted a campaign to a group of players who recently churned. Thus, Trilenium experienced a 49% increase in repeat visits, an increased spend by player and a marketing return on investment of over 97%.

“GA's actionable churn predictions were remarkably accurate and helped us plan our reactivation campaigns to various segments of players based on their risk and future value. The results were amazing! Having this tool is helping us improve our player retention rates and meet our business objectives.” 

- Natalia Lenzberg. Head of Marketing at Trilenium Casino

Impressive, right? If you need our help for recovering and reactivating churned clientes, please feel free to reach us. 

Best Regards,

Gabriela Elena Sales & Support @ Gaming Analytics - Analytics Made Easy

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