What Problems will the Gaming Industry Begin to Face post-COVID-19?

Before COVID-19, Gaming Analytics AI easily pinpointed and navigated the problems within the gaming industry. We have been pondering what the future post-COVID-19 might look like for the gaming industry and while we have begun the work to understand what the gaming industry might face post-COVID-19, we want to open the floor to those that would be directly affected by these new problems that might arise.

Gaming Analytics AI became the go-to resource for many casinos to provide tailored plans for them through its ability to take machine and player data coming through and analyze it. These plans would include slot recommendations, revenue forecasts, predicted player behaviors, and promotion optimizations. What will these plans look like post-COVID-19?

The data collected through Gaming Analytics AI helps casinos understand where most of the action is on their floor and why, and how to interact with their consumers/players. Through data analytics and AI, we were able to solve many of the problems’ casinos faced pre-COVID-19. But will the problems be the same post-COVID-19?

Where do you think the need and focus should be to continue to help and support the casinos/the gaming industry?

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